Stainless Steel Eyelash Extension Tweezers


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Use the curved tweezers to separate the client’s natural lashes and then use the straight tweezers to pick up volume lashes.When you isolate the lashes

using the curved tweezers will give you a suitable angle so you don’t need to tense up or strain your wrist and save energy.

It will make the eyelash extension application easier and more convenient and save more time to serve more clients.

Choose Our Lash Tweezers' Four Advantages:

1. The eyelash extension tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel.The durable material will not rust or deform,is acid and corrosion resistant,and the polished surface is easy to hold.

2. These lash tweezers pointed tips have high hardness,which are not easily deformed.

3. The high-precision closure and perfectly aligned arms of the lash tweezers have good grip and are easy to pick up any eyelashes.

4. These tweezers can reduce hand fatigue and can adapt to long-term work.

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