Individual Eyelash Extension Tweezers 9 Holes Professional Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers Set


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  • Date First Available:2019-10-17

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Tags: tweezers high-quality tweezer stainless steel tweezer

Staight Tweezers: 5.52 in(14mm)
Curved tweezers: 4.88 in(124mm)
Quantity: 2Pcs / Set
Type of tip: Staight and Curved
9 Holes Design Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

①Perfect for professional eyelash extensions, these lashes tweezers allow most precise application of designs and eyelashes strips, help to prevent lash extensions from sticking together during application.
②Perfect Ergonomic Design: 9 hole design make sure to hold firmly and maintain accuracy during use. Our lash extension tweezers are lightweight and offers an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy.
③Quality Assurance: Each of our products undergoes a rigorous ex-factory inspection. If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, we will replace it or refund it in full.
④These eyelash extension tweezers are great for times when you want perfect isolation or great grip for picking up lashes. the fine tips allow for ease of isolation and separation of lashes and extensions. Using a curved tip tweezers when isolating will give you a nice angle so you do not tense up or strain your wrist, and when picking up lashes light pressure is needed. These volume lash tweezers have extremely fine tips.

The tweezers are specifically designed for precision task in grafting eyelash, assist grafting eyelashes, easy to pick up the fake lashes;
A lash artist / beginner must have tool, fit for a beauty salon or home use.
Other Uses: Also can be applied for jewelry-making, nail art, electronics repairing, laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal, other fine crafts, and much more.


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