Eyelash Extension Kits Professional Eyelash Tool


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  • Product Code: LE49C
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  • Date First Available:2021-04-13

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Eyelash Extension Kit   

Model: LE49C

Price: USD $75/unit

Package including:

1.Mascara Wands x 20 PCS

2.Lash Tape x 3 PCS

3.Under Eye Pads x 10 PCS

4.Volume Lashes(0.07mm)x 1 Tray

5.Classic  Lashes(0.15mm) x 1 Tray

6.Premade volume lashes(0.07mm)x 1 Tray

7.Easy fan lashes(0.07mm)x 1 Tray

8.Color Glue Rings x 25 PCS

9.Lash Extension Glue 10 ml x 1 PCS

10.Gel Remover x 1 PCS 

11.Lash Micro Brushes x 10 PCS

12.Air Blower x 1 PCS

13.Jade Stone x 1 PCS

14.Jade Stone Stickers (30 stickers per pc) x 1 PCS

15.Lash Applicator Brushes x 10 PCS

16.Silicone Forehead Sticker 9.2 x 5.5 cm x 1 PCS

17.PVC Bag x 1 PCS


Eyelash extension tool is suitable for personal makeup, beauty salons, beauty beginners or professional. A full tool kit can make your work easier, faster, and better your efficiency. This is the best set to begin your journey to becoming a master lash technician. Unlike other lash kits that don't deliver the quality or right-size lashes used for practice

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