Flat Lash Extensions 0.15mm C D Curl


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Tags: Flat Eyelash Extensions, Laser Eyelashes, Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

Product name: Flat Lash Extensions

Thickness: 0.15mm

Curl: J/B/C/D

Length: 10-15mm single length

8-15mm mix(Mix way: 8mm*1,9mm*1,10mm*1,11mm*2,12mm*2,13mm*2,14mm*2,15mm*1lines)

Row: 12 lines/tray

Package: White acrylic packaging box

Weight: 35g

MOQ: 1 trays for each size 

Delivery time: 7-10 days


Laser Lash is a ellipse lash with vertical and horizontal micro-groove on adherend surface by laser-processing technology.


1. The laser lash will be softer and more natural than conventional lashes

2. Lash lashes are 25% longer-lasting than lash extensions

3. It half lighter than the regular eyelash extension

4. Split tip make a volumiouslash look from base-to-tip, even with Single-Layer applications

5. Without clustering.Works great with any tape of glue for thick or thin to increase adhesive strength

Suitable Group

Beauty salons, grafters, beginners, eyelash lovers, individuals.

ODM/OEM Service

More than 100 trays can customized boxes, private labels available, free design. 


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