0.07mm D Curl Two Toned Color Lash Extensions


  • Brands EMEDA
  • Product Code: CLOR01
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  • Date First Available:2021-12-14

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Product Details:

1) Brand: EMEDA.
2) Material: PBT from Korea. 
3) Curl: D
Single length: 16mm
5) Thickness: 0.07mm
6) Package: white acrylic packaging box
7) Color: There are 12rows per tray and available in 4 colors 3rows*purple, 3rows*orange, 3rows*blue, 3rows*green ombre colors.


SAFE: The materials used the Ombre Colored Lash Extensions are very safe. Using the most high-end Korean PBT fiber material, the eyelashes are softer and more comfortable. No harm to animals, vegetarians are completely acceptable.

STABLE CURLING EFFECT: During the manufacturing, we double-heated each lash to maintain its perfect curl and not easy to deform under proper care. After professional testing, it maintains curl and waterproof for a long time.

NO RESIDUE & KINK: The tin band of Ombre Colored Lash Extensions have no extra glue. Ombre Colored Lash Extensions stick well to it and no detachable residue without kink.

PERFECT FUSION: Perfect thickness can blend perfectly with natural eyelashes. These Ombre Colored Lash Extensions can be used to create natural or dramatic eyelash effects. The unique eyelash color style makes the effect of eyelashes more prominent.

FASHION TREND: Ombre Colored Lash is the latest fashion trend. Ombre Colored Lash Extensions can create a dreamy effect, which was not possible with previous colored eyelashes.

CUSTOM PACKAGING:  Provide customized packaging services. If you need customized packaging, please contact us.

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