Professional Use Fanning Cup for Eyelash Extensions


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Tags: Flower Cup, Fanning Cup, Fanning Cup for Eyelash Extensions

More Advantages of Fanning Cup:

1. The smart glue cups have a gap at the ring which can be fastened to tweezers.

2. you can dip the glue so convenient during the application procedure. Also you can still wear it on your finger as usual.

3. V breaches have different sizes at the fanning cup edges, which can wipe extra glue for volume lashes and keep the roots bonded into one cluster.

4. Rapid fanning cups could keep the glue from flowing out, extending the glue drying time and maintain good performance.

5. Made of white PP material, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, harmless to human.

How to use: 

1.Drip 1-2 drops glue on this lash tool cup.

2.Pick up the lash with tweezer from the strip lashes.

3.Make lash root dip glue from plastic eyelash holder

4.After diping, put the eyelashes into the V-shaped base,then the lash will blossom quickly.

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