Air Blower For Drying Eyelash Extension Glue Adhesive


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  • Date First Available:2020-12-22

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Tags: Air Blower, Eyelash Air Blower, Eyelash Extension Air Blower

More Details of Air Blower: 

1. The function of this Blower is to gently remove dust & erase smudges from delicate equipment without leaving residue.

2. Perfect for cleaning digital SLR, SLR, digital camera lens, binocular lens, and telescope lens, filters, musical instruments, computers, keyboards, cellphone and more.

3. Air blower is used to speed up drying time of glue during eyelash procedure.

4. Made of medical grade rubber.Natural and environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

5. When using a blower , pay attention to avoid blowing the ash can not clean up the place. Because dust levels generally sticks to the surface , so it will be easier from the side blowing dust blown away.

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