Eyelash Extension Kit Professional Technician Tools


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  • Date First Available:2020-12-21

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Tags: Eyelash Extension Kit, Professional Technician Tools, Eyepads

Details of Eyelash Extension Kit:

Eye Pad x 100 Pairs

Mascara Wands Brushes x 100 PCS

Disposable Micro Brush Swabs x 100 PCS

Glue Rings x 100 PCS

Non-woven Fabric Wrap Tape x 2


Eye Pad x 100 Pairs

Design to fit most eyes, don’t need trimming . Special surface which prevents them from moving during the application process,makes eyelash application easy.           

Crystal Mascara Wands Brushes x 100 PCS

Perfect for separating eyelashes before and after eyelash extensions,more handy and easy to use,no more clumping.

Perfect for professionals beauty salon or home personal use.

Micro Brush x 100,Glue Ring x 100,Lash Tape x 2

Disposable Micro Brush Swabs

Perfect tools for removing eyelashes with the use of eyelash cream or gel remover.

Glue Ring

To hold eyelash extension glue, remover or lash primer during eyelash extensions.

Non-woven Fabric Wrap Tape

To tape down the lower lashes or to tape fluttering eyelids before eyelash extension application.


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