White and Black 100 Pcs Disposable Lip Brushes with lines


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  • Date First Available:2020-12-22

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2.Material:High quality plastic and fiber

3.Size:Total Length:9.2cm(3.55 inch),Brush Length:1.2cm(0.47 inch)


100 PCS disposable lip brushes.

Why Choose Emeda Disposable Lip Brushes?

1. Emeda disposable lipstick wands feature soft bristles, provide smooth coverage of lip color or gloss. It is good tool for lip makeup, fit for different occasions, like professional or daily use.

2. Perfect for reducing the consumption of lipstick, help to give you a good look.

3. The lip brush is that it can accurately outline the outer contours of the lip and can handle the small details very well.

4. Apply with lipstick brush, generally from the thin and shallow color to the superposition of several brushing and paste the same color, it will brush out the different thickness to bring you the different looking.


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