Neon Colored Lash 0.07mm J/B/C/D Curl


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  • Date First Available:2021-12-14

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Product Details:
1) Brand: EMEDA.
2) Material: PBT from Korea. 
3) Curl: J / B / C / D
Single length: 8/9/10/1112/13/14/15/16/17/18mm
5) Thickness: 0.07mm
6) Package: white acrylic packaging box
7) Color: pink, green, blue 
    Mix color: 2 rows*blue, 4rows*pink, 4rows*green


WHAT ARE MEON LASH EXTENSION: Neon lashes are one of colored lash extensions,also named blacklight lashes /fluorescent UV eyelashes.What makes neon eyelash extensions different from normal individual colored lashes is that neon eyelashes are able to fluoresce and perfectly under UV or black light.

WHY NEON LASHES SHINES: The Neon lash extensions is actually UV reactive,   it will glow like a neon under ‘black lights’ or UV lights.


SAFE: Eyelashes are aseptic after high temperature sterilization.It is Safe to wear.You can use it on eyelash to make rich,slim, curling effect,and shows your pretty eyes.

PREMIUM QUALITY: The main material used for lash extensions is Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Using PBT fiber imported from South Korea, it is more advanced and softer than ordinary fiber. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

BRIGHT COLORS: In natural light, even if neon eyelashes can not emit light, their color saturation is higher, so they will be more vivid than colored eyelashes.

EASY TAKE EYELASHES: The foils strips are easy to remove from the basis . Silver plastic material won't stick when you transfer it to other surface. There is no glue at the bottom of the eyelashes. The lash can be picked from the strips easily as well.

 WIDE RANGE OF USES: Best accessory you can wear in any special occasion!  Costume parties, neon party,special events,Halloween, Christmas or bars.

CUSTOM PACKAGING:  Provide customized packaging services. If you need customized packaging, please contact us.


1.Under the UV lamp, do not stare at the UV lamp for a long time, otherwise it will hurt your eyes. Just like under the sun, staring at the sun will hurt our eyes.

2.Please note that neon lashes DO NOT GLOW ON THEIR OWN environments without UV/blacklight. So you need UV light or blacklight surroundings to see your lash colour really gleam!

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