Head Hanging Scarf & Magnetic Eyelashes Pad for Profession Beautician Eyelash Extensions


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Tags: Head Hanging Scarf, Magnetic Eyelash Pad, Head Scarf


Condition: 100% brand new
Item Type: Magnetic Headscarf
Material: cotton
Color: as picture shown

Why Choose Emeda Magnetic Eyelashes Pad?

1. Breathable cotton fabric absorbs sweat, breathes air, wraps hair, and does not make customers feel dull. The headband can be adjusted for almost everyone.

2. Easy to hold and store residue lashes after use to extend loose lashes. Magnetic padding helps the lashes to be partially attached for quick and easy picking.

3. Different compartments can be used to place different lengths of eyelashes.

4. Ideal for all your archiving needs, eyelashes, hobbies, crafts. Must have a professional salon and eyelashes at home. A great gift, love eyelashes for girls as a birthday present, Christmas gift for Halloween gifts.

How to use: 

When the eyelashes are grafted, the scarf can wrap the hair from the forehead without hindering the grafting of the eyelashes. The magnetic eyelash pad is attached to the headscarf and can be moved around to make it easier to transplant the eyelashes. 

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