Glue Pliosh Remover Wipes Cotton Soft Lint Free Glue Wipes


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  • Product Code: LE12A
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  • Date First Available:2020-12-22

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Tags: Glue wipes, Glue Remover Wipes, Cotton Wipes

Product Title:

  • Material:CottonPP
  • Size:4.72*4.72*1.97in
  • Color:White
  • Weight:0.26lb
  • 100 PCS

More Advantages of Cotton Soft Lint Free Glue Wipes:

1. Conveniently designed for ease and comfort Soft touch easily absorbs nail remover without shedding.

2. This product will never shed wool, the best quality.

3. Can be used for professional salon or personal interest.

4. Soft, absorbent and sanitary. 

5. Because this product is Lint Free Wipes and this product uses the pinhole designso the quality of each piece of cotton is very thinBut we can assure you that this product is absolutely pure cotton, and its feel will be different from that of relatively thick cotton.


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