False Eyelash Breathable PE Tape Eyelash Extensions Makeup Tools


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  • Date First Available:2020-12-22

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Tags: PE Tape, Eyelash PE Tape, Makeup Tools


Material: Medical PE

Size: 1.25cm*4.5m(width*length)

Quantity: 1 piece

Total Weight: Approx. 13g


   Why Choose Emeda PE Tape?

1. Emeda PE tape is made of High quality PET, which is safe for our skin.

2. Double-sided tape is gentle and non-irritating to the skin, will not affect the normal breathing of skin during use, and also won't damage your clothing and skin after removing.

3.  Clean tape with good sanitary, non-toxin.It is very often used to tape down lower eyelashes when a client is sensitive to gel eye pads.

4.  This is an eyelash tool for the application of eyelash extension,Suitable for Makeup Salon, Cosmetics Studio, Makeup Artist.it can be used anywhere in the home.


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