Blue Colored Easy Fans 0.07 D 20-25mm


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  • Date First Available:2022-02-23

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Material: Black PBT Material

Brand Name: EMEDA

Material: PBT from Korea

Color: Pink Blue Purple Brown Orange

Thickness: 0.07 mm

Curl: D

Length: 12 rows 20-25mix (20mm*2 +21mm*2+22mm*2+23mm*2 +24mm*2  +25mm*2)

Quantity: 1 tray


SAFE: The materials used the Colored Blooming Flower Lash Extensions are very safe. Using the most high-end Korean PBT fiber material, the eyelashes are softer and more comfortable. No harm to animals, vegetarians are completely acceptable.

EFFICIENT WORK: fast fan lashes saves about half of the time compared to classic eyelash extensions,make your client more satisfied.

STABLE CURLING EFFECT: During the manufacturing, we double-heated each lash to maintain its perfect curl and not easy to deform under proper care. After professional testing, it maintains curl and waterproof for a long time.

FASHION TREND:  Colored Blooming Flower Lash is the latest fashion trend.  Colored Blooming Flower  Lash Extensions can create a dreamy effect.

CUSTOM PACKAGING: Provide customized packaging services. If you need customized packaging, please contact us.

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