5D 0.07mm C D Curl Premade Volume Fans(fans attached in the middle)

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Product Details:
1) Brand: EMEDA.
2) Material: PBT from Korea. 
3) Color: matte black.
4) Style: 5D
5) Curl: C D
6) Length: 
Single length: 8/9/10/11/12
Mixed length:
8-12mm(Mix way: 8*1,9*1,10*1,11*1,12*1lines)
7) Thickness: 0.07mm
8) Clusters: 40 clusters each line, 5 lines in a tray, total is 200 clusters
9) Package: white acrylic packaging box


Premade volume fans, aka pro-made lashes, are volume fans that are produced by an eyelash supplier in advance and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s lash.

They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent volume lash does.

Choose our seven advantages:
1. Easily removable: The harness is easily removable from the transfer strip.
2. Easily chosen: The paper strip is easily removable from the base.
3. No residue: the whip has no transfer strip residue.
4. Stable wave: the wave keeps the pattern stable and the thickness.
5. No twist: The whip has no twist.
6. Great Material: High quality raw material.
7. Non-sticky: The whip does not stick together after removed from the transfer strip.

Suitable Group
Beauty salons, grafters, beginners, eyelash lovers, individuals

ODM/OEM Service
More than 100 trays can customized boxes, private labels available, free design.

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