OLH Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes Super Strong Hold lashes white glue 5ML/0.17 FL OZ


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Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes are from OLH brand,is Super Strong Hold lashes white glue. When it comes to achieving flawless, long-lasting eyelash extensions, our Super Strong Hold Lashes White Glue is the ultimate solution. Specially formulated with a strong adhesive, this glue ensures that your lashes stay securely in place, giving you a stunning and natural-looking lash enhancement.

Key Features:

Super Strong Hold: Our white glue is designed to provide an exceptional bond, keeping your eyelash extensions firmly attached throughout the day. Say goodbye to worrying about your lashes coming loose or falling off prematurely.

Reliable and Durable: With our Super Strong Hold Lashes White Glue, you can trust that your lash extensions will withstand various activities and environmental conditions. Whether you're attending a special event, hitting the gym, or braving the elements, your lashes will stay put.

Easy Application: The glue's precise applicator allows for effortless and controlled application, ensuring that the right amount of adhesive is applied to each lash. This helps to prevent clumping and provides a seamless blend with your natural lashes.

Comfortable and Gentle: Our white glue is formulated to be gentle on the eyes and skin, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive eyes. You can enjoy the beautiful look of eyelash extensions without any discomfort or irritation.

Convenient Size: The 5ML/0.17oz size is perfect for both personal use and professional lash technicians. It provides enough product to last for multiple applications, ensuring that you always have the glue you need to achieve stunning lashes.

Instructions for Use:

Ensure that your lashes are clean and dry before application.

Apply a thin line of the Super Strong Hold Lashes White Glue along the lash band or lash extension.

Wait for a few seconds to allow the glue to become tacky.

Carefully place the lash extension onto your natural lashes, starting from the inner corner and working towards the outer corner.

Gently press the lashes in place and hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to set.

Enjoy long-lasting, beautiful lashes!

Experience the power of our Super Strong Hold Lashes White Glue and elevate your lash game to new heights. Whether for personal use or professional application, our glue ensures a secure and flawless lash extension experience every time.

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