Eyelash Extension Lint Free Hypoallergenic No Latex Tape


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  • Date First Available:2020-12-22

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We now offer you a hypoallergenic & latex-free medical foam tape that can use for lash pads.

In addition to eyelash extension, our foam tape is ideal for relieving pain and preventing blisters, calluses, abrasions and irritation caused by walking or outdoor activities.

Why choose Emeda Lint Free Hypoallergenic No Latex Tape?

1. Emeda eyelash extension tape can be cut into any shape, suitable for various eye shapes.

2.  Whiter in order to give more contrast while doing lash extensions. And this waterproof medical tape and easy to remove and leaves a minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

3. hypoallergenic and latex-free, especially for the sensitive people, it is very comfortable when doing the lash extension.

4. Our  tape is perfect to relief pain. 

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