2 Packs C Curl 100% Real Mink Eyelash Extensions


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Tags: 100% Real Mink Individual Eyelash Extensions


1.       Brand: EMEDA

2.       Crul: C

3.       Length: single length,12mm, 14mm

4.       Package: 2 trays,1 case c curl 12mm mink eyelash extensions+1 case c curl 14mm mink eyelash extensions

5.       All-handmade,not machine.They are so natural seems like real human lashes.So amazing looking.

6.       The lash don't stick together after removing from the transfer strip.Easy to pick it up.

7.       Unlike faux mink or synthetic eyelashes, real mink fur is very thin, soft and lightweight.

8.       Return it back if you're not satisfied with this individual min eyelashes!

9.       Real mink lashes are really superior natural look.soft soft,Ultra-Lightweight.

Why choose EMEDA mink individual?

  • Easily Picked: The paper strip layer is easily peeled from basis.
  • Stable Curl: The curl keeps stable for more than 6 mothes.
  • Easily Removable: The lash asily removable from the transfer strip.
  • No Residue: The lash has no residue from the transfer strip.·       
  •  Extremely natural looking and feeling -- light, fluffy, soft.
  •  Suitable for occasion like wedding event &photo shoot & weekend party&date.
  • High-end quality guarantee and best customer service offered.Exchange it if you don’t like it.
  • 100% REAL MINK: Pure high-end mink fur. Free from chemical treatment &hypo-allergenic &Cruelty-free.




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