3Pcs Eyelashes Tool Fake Lash Applicator


  • Brands EMEDA
  • Product Code: A series
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  • Date First Available:2022-03-31

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Material: Eyelashes tools made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to use. Rose golden color.

Packing: 3 pieces/set. Include paste false eyelashes clip, trim eyebrows clip, curved clip.

Use of 3 Pieces Pack: Eyelash applicator tool can be used to apply the false eyelashes; Eyelash Extension Tweezers Remover Clip Tool will help you to repair and adjust the false eyelashes on a right place. Eyebrows clips are great for plucking unruly eyebrows, ingrown hairs & splinters.

Advantage: Eyelash applicator tool kit can help you put on or take off false eyelashes quickly, and trim your eyebrows to make you more beautiful.

Easy to Apply: Made of stainless-steel material, Pretty eyelash applicator have excellent and strong grip, ensuring you to easily put your false eyelashes without damaging them. you are capable to fix and adjust lashes easily and quickly. No more hassle about struggling with applying lashes.

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