How to create your own eyelash packaging box for starting a lashes business


1, Why do you need to customize eyelash packaging box? 

★Before the package with infomation is taken to cash register by consumers, they will pick up the box and look at the front, the back and the side, and finally the text on the box when they received eye stimulation. At this time, consumers are looking for correspondence, match their own irritant information

★Printing package is not only an easy Process manufacturing at the aim of box, but also a creative work. 

★The interest in package is a begining of business, which will create a good impression. 

2, Why do you need to customize eyelash packaging logo? 

☆LOGO represents the image of the company and products. LOGO owners make LOGO valuable and add value to goods through LOGO ideas and designs, registration requests, advertising and applications.

☆A commodity mark is a symbol used on a commodity or product and can not be separated or attached to it.

☆The competition of product sales is the competition of commodity or product quality, and its performance is the competition of marks popularity. the more popular logo is, the more competitive their goods are.

☆Commodity identification is a symbol different from other goods or products, with a particularly significant distinguishing function, easy for consumers to identify.

☆The commodity logo is the only one. LOGO is used to distinguish it from other goods or products and to make it easier for consumers to identify them. Therefore, the registered LOGO owner has the exclusive right to use its LOGO and is protected by law.

☆LOGO is a visual symbol consisting of a combination of words, numbers, letters, three-dimensional symbols and colors, and a combination of the above elements.

Tips: The designing feature of logo



☆Match the feature of a company and eyelash

☆Match the Customary practices of a Nationality and religion

3, How to choose the eyelash packaging box that customers like? 

●Suitable for products: 

Customized package design needs to be from the products themselves, combine with the shape of product design. 

Avoid the waste of resources and and excessive packaging, green environmental protection.

●Showing ways are more colorful:

The styles are more flexible and more charming. 

●Luxurious boxes are the best selling:

customized package are unique in the same products, can let customers see your products at the first time, and have reflex action in the mind. 

●improve the consciousness of the brand:

A good product packaging box will give people a beautiful and creative feeling. Excellent packaging in commercial competition can improve the added value of goods and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. It ultimately affects the concept and behavior of customers to establish the product brand image to achieve the success of marketing strategy.

4, How to customize eyelash packaging box?

◆Communicate with package factory like what materials you need, what box shape you like. 

◆Communicate the quantities of printing boxes, delivery time and price. 

◆Tell suppliers the size of box and how to design the box, they your suppliers tell their designer your ideas after you paid. 

◆Provide the source materials like styles requirement, logo printing and products. It is better for designer to offer AI file. 

◆Confirm the draft of box with customers. 

◆If customers do not have any problems, the suppliers start mass production. 

◆Maybe 10-15 days, you will receive your eyelash boxes. 

5,What are the common eyelash packing boxes?

Paper eyelash Boxes

Magnetic eyelash Boxes

Usually more customers choose white card paper and glitter paper, and then gloss paper. 

If you need paper of other materials, please tell us that some special materials require additional costs.

If you want to print a beautiful and complex logo, and make the box the color you want, we recommend that you choose white cardboard, simple printing can meet your needs, and there is no additional cost.

For other special materials, only simple logos can be printed, and usually only problems.

6,Who can supply eyalash box?

Emeda eyelash can also offer customized package box with your logo. This can help you creating your own lashes brand dear.

We have a package box catalogue, you can select a box design you like. Or you can send me pictures or videos the box you like, we can design almost all kinds boxes. You also can let me know the colors, patterns you want, we put on the box.

We offer custom made eyelash packaging boxes. If you plan to start your own brand, you can help customize the eyelash packaging by satisfying the MOQ.