This collection include 3d mink lashes, 3d silk lashes. We have different styles, classical, natural, dramatic for different occasions. Some styles are thin and shorter for natural, some styles are thick and longer for dramatic and some are classical styles which are always popular 2021. 
3d mink lashes use high grade mink of cruelty free, very soft and light. OBEYA 3d silk lashes have great 3d effect and keep good curl for long time . OBEYA lashes Stronger than regular lashes, not easy to be off.

Here are 12 best 3d mink eyelash styles of the best quality for distributors USA/UK 2021.

1,3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors with Customized Eyelashes Packaging Box ZX094


Our real mink lashes are made of young mink Sirean Mink fur.We collected the fur when naturally fall every year.They are 100% cruetly free and no harm.The cotton band is so thin, soft, strong and no anallergic. It will not irritate your eyes.We have more than 200 styles for real mink lashes. You can choose the styles you favorite like.

2,3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors Supply 100% Real Mink Fur Strip Eyelashes with Private Logo in the US YY84


Obeya 3D mink strip lashes are made with top-quality natural hair from minks, no any crulty.3D mink lashes are lightweight, natural,and soft, no any load to eyes. Customers can use 10-15 times with proper care,it is reusable. The band of mink lashes is made of black cotton that is so flexible to wear and remove. Our designer is able to make logo on private box,customers can get their own brand. People in the US like these attractive and dramatic mink lashes.

3,Wholesale  Real mink fur eyelashes Strip mink hairs UK JH91


The most popular styles for you

Hundreds of styles to choose from

The 3D design looks more fashionable and attractive,with long and volumous eyelashes

Wispies eyelash length looks natural

4,Best wholesale mink lash vendors in UK JH86


wholesale mink lashes is handmade by professional craftspeople

Cruetly free and premium quality

100% handmade,hundreds of styles to choose from

Wholesale price with premium quality

5,Customized Box for 100% Handmade Real Mink Fur Strip Lashes in the Uk/Canada/the US YY82


Obeya 3D mink lashes are made of 100% real mink fur,which is so soft and comfortabel like your natural lashes.

 wholesale 3D mink strip lashes are popular in the UK,Canada and the US,it is dramatic and attractive.

We can customzize box and logo for customers. Our professional designer can design the logo on box until you like.

6,Private label cruelty free vendors dramatic wholesale 3d mink eyelashes for distributors USA/UK JN47


Made of 100% Siberian Mink Fur,Combined with Their Natural Beautiful Curls, These Ultra Fine Lashes Show Your Eyes A Natural Lift

Easy to Apply, Comfortable and Reusable with Proper Care. You can wholesale it with factory.

7,Inquiry for best selling 3D mink lashes wholesale best mink lash vendors with factory wholesale price UK YL70


3D mink lashes are our best selling lashes, the material is real mink ,100% handmade by experienced workers.Our wholesale luxury 3D mink lashes, 25mm long fluffy lashes , faux mink lashes , silk lashes , eyelash glue and other related eyelash tools for eyelash distributors USA/UK

8,Hotsale real mink lashes with premium quality for distributors USA/UK JH78


100% Real mink fur material

Professional fashion mink fur eyelashes, give you a stunning appearance

Suitable for daily makeup and nightout

Private label and custom box is available

9,Inquiry for natural looking 3D mink lashes wholesale lash supplier Kuwait distributors USA/UK YL64


Best selling natural looking 3D mink lashes , eyelash manufacturers with wholesale price.The material is real fur , 100% handmade by experienced workers .The MOQ is 200 pairs for creating your own brand name

10,Wholesale best cruelty free natural look 100% Siberian mink hair 3d mink lash for eyelash distributors USA/UK XJ36


100% siberian mink fur and Perfect 3D layered effect, looks vivid glamorous and shiny. It can be trimmed on the edges, make a natural-looking and gorgeous makeup.

11,Wholesale Diamond Grade Handmade 6-18mm 3D Real Mink Lashes in USA ZX054


Our Diamond Grade 3D Real Mink Lashes are made of Siberian Mink Fur. They are Handmade and 6-18mm.Original price:4.8 US dollar,now 3.5 US dollar.Absolute wholesale price.Reduced price but still high quality.

12,Wholesale Korea PBT fiber Reuseable Luxury volume Fluffy Faux mink lashes vendors eyelash distributors USA/UK


Wholesale Korea PBT fiber Reuseable Luxury volume Fluffy Faux mink lashes vendors 

Material: Best imported fiber hair,as soft as real eyelashes, extremely comfortable to use.

Style: Vivid and Shiny and Soft.Perfect for daily use,party or night out.

Craft: Be meticulous handmade to ensure the best quality.

Lifetime: Could be reused for 10-15 times.

For:eyelash distributors USA/UK