Shopping Notes

Hlashes will establish a standardized e-commerce system and continuously improve it in actual operation. It attaches great importance to consumer interests, guarantees its product quality and after-sales service, does not publish false information, does not deceive consumers, and has a sound merchant reputation The evaluation system and sound user information security guarantee measures will ensure the best interests of consumers.

Obeya lashes and Emeda eyelash are our own brands.

Obeya lashes and Emeda eyelash are legally registered original brands, registering products for independent mall stores and Amazon stores, and enjoying trademark rights according to law. The company advocates the concept of full-service, creating a first-class brand of eyelash fashion.

We hereby solemnly promise all spot lashes and we ship within 48 hours. The delivery date of "Pre-Order Eyelashes" is based on the date on the baby page.

1. This is the key to determining whether you can buy your favorite eyelashes the first time. It can make your purchase or search more convenient and faster!

2. Modify the correct delivery address before purchase: and fill in each information (including phone, area code, mobile phone number, address, zip code) in the correct format: Do not write the address in a mess, this will not only affect your purchase The speed of the eyelashes will also cause errors in our shipping department and the wrong address, which is very critical!

3, after shooting all the favorite babies, within 48 hours, we will ship to the pro.

Generally, we have a very detailed description on the eyelashes page. You can choose the eyelashes you need according to your needs and the introduction on the baby page.

If you are an ordinary consumer, you can choose your favorite eyelash page on the corresponding eyelash category page and choose to buy directly; if you are a salon, beauty salon, eyelash agent, you can directly choose your favorite eyelash page on the corresponding eyelash category page. Buy and enjoy the wholesale price; if you want to start your own brand of eyelash business and have a need for custom packaging boxes or custom private labels, please contact our customer service and we will give you a satisfactory answer.