Eyelashes are too short to use false eyelashes? It is the key to having a good eyelash product!

I believe that many of my sisters used to be like Xiaobian. In order to make their eyelashes longer, they have done a lot of useless work. Cut the eyelashes and let it grow again? However, we are no longer a child, and we all pay attention to the image in front of outsiders. What do you think of this eyelash? Or have anyone tried using eyelash growth fluid? Didn’t see any effect day after day, or did you try to use false eyelashes? But it is not good to use, it is really irritating and helpless, but Xiaobian wants to say that it is still mascara honestly, how much can still feel the eyelashes become longer.

1. KISS ME Mascara

Mascara and eyeliner really can't beat it. In terms of cost performance, it is a well-deserved king, and will always be a classic product on the list. Many of the two pairs of sisters should be the same, the eyelashes are difficult to maintain the roll and curled state, but kissme can perfectly maintain the curling effect, you really feel very surprised, you can also brush out the roots The distinct eyelashes come out and there is no feeling of flies. But also because it has such a good effect, it is a bit difficult to remove makeup, but it is very easy to use a makeup remover that is specially designed to remove the eye makeup, or kissme's eyelash removal solution can be perfectly solved.

2, Idu yarn lashes

Although this is a lash eyelash, it can be used when you really don't want to use mascara. It can also make your eyelashes curl up all day, although there will be no mascara. It can make the eyelashes thicker, but there is a kind of very fine fiber inside, which can make our eyelashes become more slender and not smudged, and the brush head is also very easy to use. The feeling of use is very good.

3, KATE eyelash base

This is definitely a good assistant for mascara. Some mascara is actually very easy to smudge makeup. If you accidentally faint you into panda eyes, but if you use it, you will not smudge makeup. And there are also white fibers inside, which can make the eyelashes become more slender, the brush head is relatively large, and the rich fiber will make the subsequent mascara play its role better, visually see your eyelashes really. It will grow longer.

4, Yue Shi style very fine mascara

The mascara brush head can be seen from its own name, it is very thin, so that each eyelash is perfectly curled, the roots are distinct, this is its characteristic. In fact, the paste itself is not much. This brush head is really the most detailed one of the many mascara I have seen. It is also special. Can it be said that it is easy to cry? But even the best products will be spoiled, so it depends on the different experience of each person.

The delicate girl is to work hard on each of the eyelashes. In order to have better results, it is best to use the eyelashes and mascara together.

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