How do girls put fake eyelashes naturally? Detailed tutorial to create a long and curled

How do girls put fake eyelashes naturally? Detailed tutorials create a long, curled, make-up! When girls paint eye makeup, they always feel that there is a gap between fashion and fashion. The secret is that you have a pair of false eyelashes. How important is the long eyelashes, it will enlarge the girl's eyes, make the level of the eye shadow softer and more natural, covering part of the eyeliner. The most important thing is that long eyelashes can make girls full of temperament, and the eyes can feel discharged.

Girls are just beginning to stick false eyelashes, which is prone to sticking and slanting. This is because you have not mastered the best way to apply eyelashes. The correct way will make your practice half-hearted. First of all, you need to prepare a pair of false eyelashes. The choice of false eyelashes should be as good as possible, and the material should be soft enough. The upper eye will not appear to be applied, and it can better blend with your own eyelashes. You also need tweezers, glue, and eyelash curlers.

False eyelashes try to choose a slim style. The thicker style is more suitable for European and American makeup. It is too long for everyday use. Not necessarily suitable for all girls, so you have to trim it before using it. Compare the eyelashes with the eyes, cut off too long, and keep a pair of eyelashes at the same time. Sometimes you just need to leave the second half of the false eyelashes. Blowing the false eyelashes makes it easier to follow up. Squeeze the glue on the root of the false eyelashes and wait a little while to stick. The glue will stick better when it is slightly solidified.

After you have measured the length, you can start applying the glue. Do not need to apply too much, if it is not easy to control, you can use cotton swabs to glue, and then apply to the base of false eyelashes. This is probably the case with the amount of control. A good fake eyelash gel is enough. It can be very tight and very easy to clean. It can be reinforced at the end of the eye and at the end of the eye. If you apply too much, it will spill to the side when you stick it on the eyelids, as well as the eyelashes. Do not stick to the eyelids immediately after applying the glue. Instead, it should be blown for 10 to 15 seconds to make the glue semi-dry. At this time, the glue is most sticky.

This is the approximate posture of the whole post: 1. Look down and reveal the entire eyelid. 2. The angle of the false eyelashes should be slightly raised upwards, not too flat. It’s not good to look too flat. Another important point is that the closer the false eyelashes are to their true eyelashes, the more realistic they look. Therefore, when attaching, you should have the same feeling of plugging the false eyelashes to the junction between the eyelids and the eyelashes. You can stick the false eyelashes close to your true eyelashes by hooking them up from the bottom up.

It is better to fit the eyelashes before sticking to the false eyelashes. When you stick it, fix the middle first, then stick the two ends together, and the shape will be good. After the glue has dried out, use your fingers to lift the eyelashes up, or use the eyelash curler to make it easier again.

Many good quality false eyelashes are not disposable. The makeup remover is pressed down, the glue at the root is clipped off, and it is cleaned again with makeup remover. It can be used repeatedly many times. After mastering the method, it is necessary to practice the fake eyelashes to quickly and accurately apply makeup. I believe that you will be more beautiful when you put on false eyelashes. How do girls put fake eyelashes naturally? Detailed tutorial to create a long and curled

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