0.07mm C D Curl YY Eyelash Extensions

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Details of YY eyelash extensions: 
Color: Matte black
Curl: B C D
Thickness: 0.07
8-14mm single length
8-14mm mix length(Mix way: 8mm*1,9mm*1,10mm*1,11mm*1,12mm*2,13mm*2,14mm*2lines)
Row:10 rows/pack
Package: Black acrylic packaging box
Weight: 35g

What is YY eyelash extensions?
These soft and delicate lash extensions will give your clients a unique, volume lash look. Available in a C D Curl, 0.07mm thickness tray. Lashes are supplied in a tray. Feathery lash effect.

Advantages of YY eyelash extensions:
1. Quickly bloom in seconds without much grafting eyelash experience
2. Air double tips, the effect of grafting one root equals two hair tips naturally dense
3. 100% handmade curl, which can keep for a long time and not easy to defrom
4. Ease of application, very simple to create fans wgen grabbing with tweezers, no skills needed
5. Time saving treatment and soft fluffy effect

How to use YY eyelash extensions?
Grab the extension (the YY fan) half way between the top and the bottom of the extension. The key to keeping the YY lash intact is grabbing just before the base splits into the YY which you will see is about half way on the extension, then apply as you would a classic extension.

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