Lighted Makeup Mirror with 21 LED Lights 180 Degree Rotation Portable Mirrors for Travel (Black)


  • Brands EMEDA
  • Product Code: LE25B
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Tags: Mirror, Makeup Mirror, LED Light Mirror

More Details of Lighted Makeup Mirror:

1. Strengthened by Side-Emitting LED Strip Tech, this makeup mirror gives off diffuse light that is so bright to cover all corners of your face but also soft enough to protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent. 

2. We chose the most frequently used lights in light designing—warm, cold, and natural light: the warm light fits for soirees; the natural light has 97% of sunlight similarity and fits for outdoor occasions; the cool light fits for office makeups.

3. The foldable design saves precious dresser room.

4. Produced by vacuum coating technique, this vanity mirror shapes accurate reflection without color cast and ambiguity, enabling you to apply flawless makeup. 

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