How to wear false eyelashes?

Generally speaking, fascinating eyes, long and curled eyelashes must play an important role, in fact, not many people's natural eyelashes can achieve perfection, so you need to use false eyelashes. However, people who use it for the first time generally don't know how to stick fake eyelashes. Even people who already know how to apply false eyelashes may not be able to stick false eyelashes. This situation is still not known. How to apply eyelashes.

How to choose false eyelashes

There are two kinds of understandings about how to apply false eyelashes. One is that you don't know how to start. One is that it is not natural enough and the effect is not good. I believe no one can say that I know how to stick fake eyelashes. I don't know how to stick false eyelashes. Now let's talk carefully about how you can put fake eyelashes.

How to fake false eyelashes naturally

First, use your eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, then take out the fake eyelashes you bought, and compare it to your true eyelashes. This will cut off the long part of the false eyelashes. After the length is matched, first The false eyelashes are pulled out in a radian so that they can be worn after they are attached. Then take out the glue and brush it on the stem of the false eyelashes.

When it seems to be dry, it can be posted. See here, everyone should know two-thirds of how to stick false eyelashes. Next, affix the false eyelashes to the root of the real eyelashes. You can stick the middle ones first, then stick the two sides, then adjust them. True and false eyelashes blend together so that it doesn't look so fake.

In fact, how to fake false eyelashes, the operation is also very simple, but the first time may be more time-consuming, after a long time there is no difficulty. Some people say that buying branded false eyelashes may be better. In fact, the quality of fake eyelashes with high prices may be higher, but as some people say, who will pay attention to what brand is used after the false eyelashes are attached. So just buy yourself and use it comfortably.

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