100% Real Mink Lash Extensions C D Curl


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  • ✔MORE SOFT AND NATURAL THAN FIBER:Real mink lashes individual is the most natural look and comfortable.
  • ✔Like 0.10mm Thickness ,a Little THINNER:Because our mink is 100% real mink, pure natural animal hair, so there is no specific thickness
  • ✔100% CRUELTY-FREE: Real Mink Fur -- Naturally shed hairs from Mink. No animals were harmed in manufacturing.
  • ✔100% REAL MINK: Pure high-end mink fur. Free from chemical treatment &hypo-allergenic &Cruelty-free
  • ✔LENGTH:8mm*3, 10mm*3, 12mm*3, 14mm*3 mix length(total is 12 rows) and 10mm 1mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm single length(each length is same in every line).Comfortable to wear and beautiful like a star. 
  • ✔Curl: C D curl 
  • ✔All-handmade,not machine.They are so natural seems like real human lashes.So amazing looking.
  • ✔The lash don't stick together after removing from the transfer strip.Easy to pick it up.


  1. 100 real mink eyelash extensions curls may not be totally consistent and permanent based on the features of mink fur and manual process.
  2. Do not store eyelash extension real mink more than six months .
  3. Because our mink is 100 real mink, pure natural animal hair, derived from Siberia, very soft, so there is no specific thickness.If there is marked with the exact roughness, it is not always the real mink, may is a man-made fibre, also called fuax mink.
  4. Because it’s hard to apply well by yourself, we highly recommend that you get a professional to do this.

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