Real Mink Eyelash Extensions C D Curl


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More Details of Real Mink Eyelash Extensions:

Material: 100% real mink fur from the dropping hair of minks, no any cruelty

Curl: C D


10-14mm single length

9-15mm mix length

Row: 12 

Package: Black plastic box 

Weight: 40g

The advantages of real mink fur eyelash extensions:

1. They are very fine, soft, natural and silky just like your real lashes

2. In that if you wet them, they won't loose their curl

3. While you are putting them on, it is impossible to distinguish them from your natural lashes. They are so quite resilient and strong as compared to the artificial lashes on the market

4. The lash don't stick together after removing from the transfer strip.Easy to pick it up

5. Unlike faux mink or synthetic eyelashes, real mink fur is very thin, comfortable and lightweight

100 boxes can be for private label. 

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