0.10mm Thickness D Curl Single Length 3D Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions(short stem)

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Premade fans eyelashes extension is made of Korean Premium PBT Fiber.

It is soaked in high pressure and low temperature to absorb 100% collagen, so it is the closest to the composition of real eyelashes, it is not easy to deform. 

You can wear and use it for a longer time.

Besides,as it is full, not split and like feathers as light,so you can use it by yourself with a shorter time.

It can be free to match your eye, make you be more beautiful. 

1) Material: Soft 100% Korea PBT Fiber

2) Color: Natural Black 

3) Length: 14mm Single Length

4) Thickness: 0.10mm 

5) Curl: D

6) Packing: 1 tray, 12 rows/tray

More Features:

1) Make eyes become brighter and more attractive 

2) Lighter, softer, more flexible than individual eyelashes 

3) Easy to apply and remove, comfortable to wear 

4) Natural thick, different types for party and daily use

High-quality lashes, soft, silky and glossy. 

Can be removed by eye makeup remover. 

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