Daily maintenance of false eyelashes

When applying false eyelashes, many people throw away the false eyelashes that were originally attached to the eyes. In fact, false eyelashes can be reused after their own care. How to maintain false eyelashes? The following is the maintenance of false eyelashes method.


False eyelashes maintenance method one


Although the false eyelashes are delicate and delicate, they are also particularly fragile. Therefore, when using grafting to buy, you ca nt pull the edge of the false eyelashes and pull hard. Remove from the box.


False eyelashes maintenance method two


When removing the false eyelashes, grasp the center of the false eyelashes and pull it out immediately. When pulling out the false eyelashes, be sure to move cleanly. Do not pull down two or three false eyelashes.


False eyelashes maintenance method three


The false eyelashes must be thoroughly washed after use before they can be put into the false eyelashes box, that is, the glue on the false eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned after the false eyelashes are used up. Note that eye shadow powder, mascara, and eyeliner should not remain on the false eyelashes On, otherwise it will break the false eyelashes.

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